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Box Office Collection of Vishapuram Telugu Movie Tollywood Box Office Report Total Worldwide Business Overall Earnings Income in Overseas : Directed by Shrinivas Sandiri, latest released Telugu language cinema. ‘Vishapuram’ released worldwide on 6th October, 2018. Flick Made under the budget of Rs 15 crore, the Indian Telugu Zombie Horror celluloid features star actor Shafi, Deva & actress Shravani in the leading roles. ‘Vishapuram’ Produced by, Bhogari Lakshami Narayan, Paturi Bhuchireddy & Paturi Madhav Reddy.

On 1st day, the film is predicted to face box office bout with side by side releasing Tamil & Bollywood Hindi language films. The Zombie Horror cinema offering is predicted to make a collection of Rs 0.50 crore on the first day. If the public throngs in multiplex speeds up next day, the film is forecasted to earn an amount of Rs 0.70 crore. If the responces from the supporters continues to in acceleration in the weekend days, the cinema is predicted to garner an amount of Rs 1.60 crore by the first weekend.

After Sunday, percentage of moviehalls possession is about to drop down constantly. The slump in the public occupancy in surely going to affect the celluloid’s business in India. In first week, the movie is predicted to mint a total amount of Rs 2.5 crore+ at Tollywood Box Office. The film’s performance in worldwide market is going to full depend upon the nature of box office contest happening there. Latest box office numbers are awaited. The tabular content given below shows the box office prediction of Vishapuram.

Vishapuram Box Office Collection

Days Box Office Collections
1st Day TBU
2nd Day TBU
3rd Day TBU
4th Day TBU
5th Day TBU
6th Day TBU
7th Day TBU
8th Day TBU
9th Day TBU
10th Day TBU
11th Day TBU
12th Day TBU
13th Day TBU
14th Day TBU
15th Day TBU
16th Day TBU
17th Day TBU
18th Day TBU
19th Day TBU
20th Day TBU
21st Day TBU
Nett TBU
India TBU
Malaysia TBU
Germany TBU
Australia TBU
New Zealand TBU
Worldwide TBU

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