Varun Dhawan and John Abraham featuring ‘Dhishoom’ title track is out. Both men with immense muscles are looking damn cool in the black blazer coat and suits. 2nd song unveiled by filmmakers after the first ‘Sau Tarah Ke’, which grabbed huge public reactions, is trending with lucubrating views on social networking media.

This three minute video, which is slightly different from the already unleashed first one, commences with dashing entry of handsome guys with incredible physique. Melodious rap exhort listener and watcher stick to the track and the rhythmic dance performed by the leading actors entails the seer move his body on same steps.

Varun John featuring 'Dhisoom' title track video is out
Varun John featuring ‘Dhisoom’ title track video is out

Meanwhile, Jacqueline Fernandez is seen moaning for some reason and the ‘Main Tera Hero’ actor, goes to her surprisingly and quietens her. Lyrics murmured by ‘Force’ starrer and ‘ABCD 2’ leading dancer make the watcher enjoy the funny composition with smiley face.

Raftaar and Shahid Mallya sung and Pritam  composed this fresh track is written by Mayur Puri. Duos (John and Varun) are working together for first time with this latest Bollywood movie. Akshay Khanna and these above mentioned legends starred this cinema is slated to arrive in numerous theaters across the nation on 29th July 2016.