Udta Punjab second weekend collection was recorded to be very low in comparison with its first weekend gross. Enormous drop of huge income benefit emerged resulting the decline in business across the nation.

After meeting with helm controversy, Shahid Kapoor starred latest Bollywood film succeeded in grabbing huge repercussion from the public domain on its opening tenure, which got reduced drastically with the passage of days.

Udta Punjab declined second weekend collection
Udta Punjab declined second weekend collection

INR 48.5 crores was the biggest achievement for the star cast which had thought that the struggle with censor board might had badly impressed the people, but exactly reverse happened on the launch of celluloid which started gaining immense public response.

Pakistani censor board too had objected 100 shots in the cinema and didn’t acquiesce the filmmakers to publish their creation in neighboring country of India. All the allegations from these authorities had affected the reputation of Bollywood actors, actresses and the crew members in this film.

Still the movie is running with an average reactions from the people. It is expected to reach the three digit overall income which can be possible if the public support surprisingly secundates. Let’s see how much revenue this movie is going to curb in the coming time.