Tumhari Sulu Movie Review : Vidya Balan Will Steal Your Heart with her Knockout Acting As a House Wife

Tumhari Sulu was released on 17th November 2017.This is a must watch film for everyone. Trust me, Vidya Balan’s Acting is going to make you laugh throughout the movie.This movie is a high-spirited zesty movie, that will remind you of a happy loving life that everyone seeks for.

Vidya Balan is one of the Bollywood actors who has defied all the norms and has carved her own niche in the industry. The Tumhari Sulu actress has time and again said that she finds a saree the most glamorous attire and that she loves her body and has embraced it completely. During the promotion of her recent movie ‘Tumhari Sulu’, Vidya Balan was even questioned about losing weight by one of the reporters. But her reply was quite impressive.

Tumhari Sulu is the best movie of this month.If you are confused, then I would suggest you to watch this movie ASAP.

Full Review Of Tumhari Sulu

Movie Plot:

The movie starts with Sulochna aka Sulu who is a housewife and stays with her loving husband Ashok in Mumbai (outskirts). Ashok her husband works as a Sales Manager in a traditional company that sells uniforms.

She is a fun loving, bubbly and loves to participate in crazy contests. Sulu is ‘baranvi’ (12th class) fail, and never allowed to forget it, but more-or-less happily married and mother of a schoolboy, finding her mojo in on-air contests of the kind which entice ‘housewives’ like her to participate, holding up a household appliance as a prize.

She keeps herself entertained throughout the day. Which includes listening to her favorite radio station and taking part in crazy contests.

When she wins a prize in a contest for a radio station and goes there to collect her gift, fortunately, she decides to try her luck in RJ.(Radio Jockey).

The boss there (Neha Dhupia) sees a spark in her, or rather in her voice and offers her the job to host a late night chat show. Her show becomes very popular among the depraved men in the city and she becomes a star in her office. But back home, the situation changes drastically when her supportive husband becomes insecure about his wife’s success and the fact that she talks seductively to random strangers.

Uniformly outstanding is Manav Kaul as her husband who is struggling with a boss from hell but still manages to maintain the spark in his relationship. He wants to be supportive but leads to some insecurities: Because Vidya Balan being an RJ uses her skills to satisfy the lonely men.

Tumhari Sulu Movie Direction:

Director Suresh Triveni created the perfect feel of a middle-class background completely with Sulu, her loving and caring husband Ashok (Manav Kaul), a Manager in a small-time mill and their 11-year-old son, Pranav, to perfection. He superbly executes every character in a spontaneous way.

All credit goes to the editing team for keeping the pace fast by unwinding the set of emotions one after the other.

Tumhari Sulu Movie Cinematography:

The art of camera movement is what defines a well-crafted camera person who understands the direction in which a story is heading. Beautifully captured each moment and move is the best thing of this movie. All kudos to “Saurabh Goswami” for leveling the appeal of the film.

Tumhari Sulu Movie Characters:

Every character seems to be well attuned by the director. Vidya Balan (as Sulu) a perfect bubby and crazy woman won my heart. She was amazing and outstanding in the entire movie. Manav Kaul (as Ashok) Sulu’s Husband truly justifies the role of a husband with his supportive and caring nature. Abhishek Sharma (as Pranav) playing the role of a son is truly a perfection. Neha Dhupia (as Maria), was never seen before as a responsible yet loving boss. All the characters played were excellent and perfectly directed.

Tumhari Sulu Movie Conclusion:

If you haven’t watched it or looking for a happy weekend, then this movie is surely going to win your heart. A perfect family entertainer, to be loved by all age groups.

Tumhari Sulu Movie Ratings:

I have rated Tumhari Sulu Movie: 4 out of 5 Stars.

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