Popular Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan shared his opinion over the recent religion based controversy. He admired the decision by Mumbai High Court which has given the verdict of lifting the ban on women from entering the grave area of Haji Ali Dargah. According to him, the judiciary has given the correct verdict regarding this issue.

Media sources had reported last weekend that women were being opposed from entering the grave area of the holy Dargah in the capital city of Maharashtra. Court reacted to the issue by clearing that the females now will be allowed to step in those hallow areas. In this regard, Salim Khan appreciated the lifting of ban on the females.

'To be a good Muslim, you have to be a good human being' says Salim Khan
‘To be a good Muslim, you have to be a good human being’ says Salim Khan

The well known writer said that there’s no discrimination in Islam and both the women as well as men have similar rights and freedom to practice the religion in their own way. According to him, the holy Hadis also mentions the same and hence, he finds no difference between the mentioned things in Quaran and the recent judgement from the court.

He further added that to be a good Muslim, one has to be a good human being. He mentioned in his opinion that there’s no gender discrimination in Islam as every Muslim has same rights to follow the religion with faith and love for the almighty. In accordance with his notion, there is no point in twisting this issue.