Tiger Shroff and Sabir Khan are going to launch the defamation case against Kritik Kumar Pandey who accused them of stealing his story for the upcoming ‘Munna and Michael’ movie. According to the acquaintance provided by our news reporters, they even had an extensive meeting with their lawyer yesterday afternoon.

Meeting with lawyer seems that the Bollywood legends are planning to file defamation case against ‘MJ Returns’ director claiming the accusations and allegations he raised are false and senseless. They think that Kritik is indulging into these activities for becoming famous by humiliating the stars.

TIger Shroff and Sabir Khan to lodge defamation case
TIger Shroff and Sabir Khan to lodge defamation case

Crew member of ‘Heropanti’ who signed the son of Jackie Shroff for his recent action movie ‘Baaghi’ is going to sign again the martial artist for his new creation, but Pandey complained in Versova police station by claiming that the two companions betrayed him and trickily grabbed the script of his new film ‘MJ Returns’.

Two days after the case was filed against Tiger and Khan, both had colloquy over this issue and decided to lodge a reverse complaint against Kritik. That’s why they contacted a lawyer and explicated these things to him. Now, they’re about to go to the police station for the further action.