Salman Khan has completed the shooting of his Eid releasing movie ‘Sultan’ and is about to air it across the nation on 6th July 2016. While filming this future hit blockbuster, the Dabbang actor suffered from some injuries while shooting a scene in the film.

‘Ek Tha Tiger’ hero was pulling the road roller and this scene might have been observed by you in the official trailer of this film. While holding the ropes and applying the energy to make the machine move, Sallu bhai received marks of the rope on his body.

This scene from 'Sultan' bruised super star Salman Khan
This scene from ‘Sultan’ bruised super star Salman Khan

As the film is based majorly on the wrestling, he has been in the look of a professional wrestler throughout the film who all time exposes his mesmerizing physique to the spectators. And he was in the same appearance when the scene of pulling the road roller was being shot.

Though he got traumatized with the action scene he didn’t run away from the shooting spot, instead he showed confident about that issue and completed that shot without taking any halt. This is the spirit of this huge man which gets always praised by his fans. Mobs lying under the fan club are perfervid for the release of this much awaited cinema.


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