Mr. Perfectionist, Amir Khan reacted to the reacting to the question regarding terrorism, he opined that there’s no religion terrorism and the criminal act is itself is the terrorism. ‘Dangal’ actor shared his notions about the growing terrorism in the world. He responded with confidence that no religion should be blamed by saying that it is practicing terrorizing agenda.

“If the terrorist would have belonged to any religion, then they would have become the spreaders of love and peace. If they would have a little bit of knowledge about the religious teachings and philosophical terms and definitions, then they wouldn’t have opted to go with this brutal concept.

'There's no religion of terrorism' says Amir Khan
‘There’s no religion of terrorism’ says Amir Khan

According to the news reports, PK hero interacted with media persons on the behalf of holy Ramadan Eid and expressed his feelings about the growing terrorism across the globe. Bollywood super star who had caught into controversy for commenting that the ‘intolerance’ in India is growing and was surrounded with hell criticism.

But, with these utterances shared with news reporters, he exhibited that he didn’t intend to target any institution or constitutional body by remarking derogatorily. He also mentioned the recent attack in Bangladesh and condemned both the aggressive offense by the perpetrators as well as alleging speech by Dr. Zakir Naik.