Well known Bollywood actress Tannishtha Chatterjee got disappointed when she was humiliated with derogatory jokes at ‘Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza’. Artists performing on the stage cracked jokes related to her skin color which made the heroine upset and she started walking out of the show. She also took it to the social media through her post on Facebook.

Many of her mates active in acting industry tried to console her by telling not to take the hilarity seriously as the show she attended was none other a comedy show. But the actress became quite nervous after the performers working in that Television show who used the word ‘kaali kalooti’ for describing the 35 year old actress.

Tannishtha Chatterjee is nervous with ‘Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza’
Tannishtha Chatterjee is nervous with ‘Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza’

Sources told that Tannishtha was present on the sets of ‘Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza’ for the promotions of her newly released Bollywood movie ‘Parched’. Instead of getting an enchanting response from the comedians, the lady had to face severely indecent remarks from the stage performers which derided her and entailed her to leave the live show.

Adding to her confabulation with media, she told that cracking jokes over the color of human being is not a sense of humor, but is just an insult to the one having its skin color black. After leaving the show, the gorgeous woman posted about the same on social media and described how her fun was made on a national channel in Mumbai.