Latest Bollywood movie ‘Sultan’ surpassed the magic figure of INR 300 crores on 8th day of release. Crew members’ predictions of driving the record breaking collection within ten days are proven quite right with this success. None other Salman Khan, leading man in the cinema, is the key character which is playing pivotal role in curbing profit.

Kicking off with stunning INR 36 crores, the film overwhelmed the three digit figure in just four days and met the half of today’s total on 5th day. First time in Indian film industry, any Hindi celluloid drove immense public repercussion and the results of reactions replicated in terms of huge revenue generation at box office.

'Sultan' reaches INR 300 crores on 8th day of release
‘Sultan’ reaches INR 300 crores on 8th day of release

Anushka Sharma and Randeep Hudda starred Eid released movie received similar kinds of support from the foreign fans of the ‘Dabbang’ actor. Overseas income too is nearing towards the golden three digit figure. Till now, the total monetary benefit collected by Ali Abbas Jafar directed cinema is INR 397 crores.

After India, United Arab Emirates is the second country from which this film got bulky responses. USA and Canada stand third in the list of highly responded nations. Also some other territories reacted positively to this celluloid, but the income generated from those regions just lies in the range of INR 5 to 15 crores.