Media reports of ‘Fresh Bollywood News’ caught that Eid releasing Salman Khan starring ‘Sultan’ movie is 2 hours 50 minutes in length. Many veterans praised the lengthy cinema which is quite inspiring and motivational. Father of ‘Wanted’ actor unveiled that the filmmakers have exhibited their ability to put more on screen than paper.

Crew members are quite eager to watch this film. Ali Abbas Jafar, director of this new movie of Sallu Bhai, was replied with positive nods from the Salim Khan, who appreciated the fabulous creation by this illustrious personality in Bollywood. Ali told our source that when he showed the film to Salim Saab he said something that gave him incredible confidence.

'Sultan' movie is 2 hours 50 minutes in length
‘Sultan’ movie is 2 hours 50 minutes in length

The well known director in Indian film industry further proliferated his statements by adding that they’ve been successful in prospering the level of creativity and awesomeness in the story by not only presenting it on the paper but also on the screen.

Aditya Chopra produced celluloid is slated to release in thousands of theaters in the country on 6th of July 2016. Anushka Sharma led upcoming film is completely based on the life of a struggling wrestler who falls in love with a female wrestling champion.

Famous director in Bollywood industry, as he has promised to watch the film in Dehradun with his family, told our reporters that he would be missing the presence of rest crew members while enjoying the cinema.


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