Recently released ‘Sultan’ movie has curbed three digit income in its opening weekend. A total of INR 148 crores have been grossed by the filmmakers with all shows released till Saturday. Overseas business report has already reached the INR 200 crores and is excursing towards the record breaking collection.

On the releasing day, i.e. one day before the holy Ramadan Eid, Salman Khan starred fresh cinema aggrandized recording breaking INR 36.54 crores and topped the list of movies with huge box office collections. Next day, INR 37.32 crores was the income earned by the celluloid.

'Sultan' curbs three digit collection in first weekend
‘Sultan’ curbs three digit collection in first weekend

It grabbed 31.66 Crores in INR and surpassed the three digit figure. Box office recorded INR 37.10 crores on the following day, which peaked the overall business to INR 148 crores. Agglomerating the world wide collection, The Dabbang actor led cinema seized 254.78 crores within just four days of its release.

Crew members are quite happy to see the amplification in collections and are heartily thanking to the crowd which is responding the new creation with an excitement and enthusiasm. Yash Raj films have astoundingly made a record breaking opening with this film and are receiving appreciations from their competitors in B Town.