Akshay Kumar, one of the best actor in Hindi film industry is coming up with ‘Rustom’ releasing on 12th August. He recently spoke in an interview that one should take a little break from work and spend the quality time with family.

In his opinion about his daily life style, Akki urged all the people on this planet to adjourn from their duty for some time and share the happy moments of their life with family. This relaxation is much needed thing for a person according to him.

When asked about his own experiences of spending holidays with his kin, he explicated that most of the times he prefers to have fun and entertainment which his wife and children. He accepts that he doesn’t like to stay away from his dearest ones for long tenure.

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar

He believes that Holidays are stressful. But they are also the most important memories in any household. ‘Khiladi’ actor who has fascinating physique has mentioned in his notion about the life style of a common person that it shouldn’t have agony.

‘Holiday’ hero unveiled about the consequences of welcoming the stress emerged by continuous work. He acquiesced that spending free time with wife and children gratifies a man in real sense. Hence he advised in his interaction about this significant topic.