Akshay Kumar starring latest Bollywood movie ‘Rustom’ has reached INR 182.02 crores world wide collection within these days of its release. It is still falling short INR 17.98 crores to reach the two digit overall box office collection. Tinu Suresh Desai is proliferating with its fabulous success rate towards the pinnacle in terms of global earnings.

The trade analysts have confirmed that the cinema will still surge to the zenith and acquire good position in the row of movies with highest box office collection in 2016. Ileana D’Cruz’s crucial role and Isha Gupta’s aggressive stance has worked in conglomerating an incredible amount at the box office.

'Rustom' overall collection can reach 200s club in this week
‘Rustom’ overall collection can reach 200s club in this week

Though the film had another mega star led celluloid ‘Mohenjo Daro’ in big competition, it maintained its progress and touched the skies in bagging a huge monetary profit. Crew members noticed great triumph in the very first weekend in which their film succeeded in minting a good benefit and surpassed the three digit figure in overall business.

‘Airlift’ movie starrer led latest film left no stone unturned in cementing their excursion ahead with the continuity in income generation. Till now, it has managed to curb INR 117 crores domestic earnings and is expected to overwhelm the target of 150 crores in coming few weeks.