Akshay Kumar starred ‘Rustom’ and Hritik Roshan led ‘Mohenzo Daro’ are slated to release on same date (12th August 2016). Filmmakers of both the movies more possibly are not going to change the dates of unveiling their celluloid. Spectators will entertain the collision between two fortune hit cinemas which will race for acme box office collections.

On 30th June 2016, ‘Rustom’ official trailer smashed into the public with receiving helm repercussions and same was happened when the theatrical trailer video of ‘Mohenzo Daro’ had arrived among the people few weeks back. Enormous attention driven by the duos seem that the release of film is gonna just be thrilling one.

Rustom and Mohenzo Daro clash on 12th August 2016
Rustom and Mohenzo Daro clash on 12th August 2016

Both films are based on action and drama and mostly focus around the love story between hero and heroine. Cast worked in making these cinemas are best known for their incredible acting talent one of which is awesome in dancing and another is none other a martial artist.

So, the clash is really about to turn millions of eyeballs towards their success within three days of their release. Extreme struggle between the two will be observed in curbing the huge box office income. Recent movie of ‘Khiladi’ actor has reached three digit earnings and these utmost releases too can attain the similar heights after surmounting one other in the bitter confrontation.