Well known Bollywood celebrity Richa Chadda is slated to sing national anthem of India at the inaugural ceremony of the league which is kicking off on 27th July 2016. The sizzling actress is gonna flee to New Delhi for attending that ceremony scheduled to be held in national capital.

After the biggest celebs got chances of singing ‘Jana Gana Mana’ at the sport events, Richa Chadda was opportuned with the similar kind of offer. She happily acquiesced the opportunity to sing the anthem at this commencement ceremony of sport league.

Richa Chadda is going to sing national anthem
Richa Chadda is going to sing national anthem

Sunny Leone and Amitabh Bachchan were the leading persons who sung the anthem at the opening ceremony of pro kabaddi league few days back. They were accompanied by Varun Dhawan, Virat Kohali and many other legends from sports’ field and escalated the glamor of public ceremony.

People are hoping this lady not to capture in any controversy regarding singing the anthem. ‘Raaz 3’ heroine and Big B were caught in the same row for not properly singing the anthem and taking more time to complete singing it respectively.  Richa has to be very careful about this serious happening which will be held in Delhi.