Priyanka Chopra has now jumped into the ongoing controversy over Salman Khan’s comment of ‘raped woman’. ‘Krish 3’ actress uttered few sentences claiming that ones feeling Sallu Bhai should apologize for his remarks should focus on the real issues and raise voice against the real life problems on woman.

Miss world further added that there is no point in discussing these things as the media need scrumptious news for driving more attraction from public domain and hence they throw more light on these facts. While opining over this buzz she referred the brutal act against female recently took place in Bihar.

'Real issues should be talked more' says Priyanka Chopra
‘Real issues should be talked more’ says Priyanka Chopra

“Few days back, there was an inhuman act occurred against a woman and the lady victim was cruelly raped, but no one talked about the issue? Why was the same intensity not seen in discussing that issue? I’m not protecting the Dabbang actor by saying these words, but there should be some sense in coining any issue,” said Priyanka.

‘God Tussi Great Ho’ heroine commented ahead that this fresh controversy has been pushed to headline by new women everyday who are attempting to remain in news. She told that more emphasis should be on raising voice against the incrementing torments for the females in the country.