Veteran comedy actor Rajpal Yadav’s plea is denied by the Supreme Court which is seeking the imprisonment of the super star  for failing to represent true affidavit in front of the apex bench of justices. ‘Maine Dil Tujko Diya’ villainy character player had plead for the acquiescence of extension in the time to repay the amount borrowed.

Rajpal Yadav took money from M. G. Agarwal, a Delhi based businessman and had planned to use that amount in order to make his directorial debut in ‘Ata Pata Laapata’ celluloid. But the star didn’t manage to refund the money into the Mr. Agarwal’s account and produced a false affidavit in his own defense.

Rajpal Yadav's plea gets denied by Supreme Court
Rajpal Yadav’s plea gets denied by Supreme Court

Now, the court has order Rajpal to surrender before the Tihar Jail and serve 10 days of imprisonment. Apex court has rejected the plea of him and has entailed the hero to spend next ten days behind the bars of above mentioned Jail. Yadav has to obey this command from SC which it imposed on him for his failure to represent the witness regarding his false affidavit.

Rajpal was caught in this entanglement few days back and the battle which he is fighting in illicit way has been exposed out by summit court. Now, he will have to accord the judgement given by the court and follow the mannerism which has been taught by it.