Rajashree Ojha is gonna kick off a new venture with the Bollywood celebrities Alia Bhatt and Shabana Azmi who are about to be featured in a film on Kashmiri band Pragaash. The director already had the plan in her mind to commence the shooting but it has been delayed because of the unrest in Kashmir.

Filmmakers unveiled about the story of this upcoming cinema which revolves around the lives of three Muslim girls namely Noma Nazir, lead guitarist and vocalist, drummer Farah Deeba and Aneeqa Khalid who start all-girls rock band on the bass guitar in 2012. Movie narrates how these ladies come up after receiving death as well as rape threats on social networking media.

Rajashree Ojha directed movie features Shabana Azmi, Alia Bhatt
Rajashree Ojha directed movie features Shabana Azmi, Alia Bhatt

The real life incident is to be brought in front of B Town fans with this celluloid. The characters to be portrayed had to go through severe criticism and intense opposition from some Muslim scholars who blamed them by claiming that practicing such activities tarnished the image of community. People who raised voice against called the girl’s behaviour indecent and also claimed that promoting music is harmful to the society.

Alia Bhatt is about to be seen in the character of a lead vocalist who is accompanied by a Kashmiri girl. Wife of well known lyricist Javed Akhtar will play the role inspired by pro-Pakistani separatist Asiya Andrab. Some Pakistani actress too is going to join the sets for rendering the roles of remaining member of the band.