Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Raees’ starrer Pakistani actress condemned the terror attacks. The heroine defended herself by saying that she reprobates the terror no matter in which soil it occurs. By commenting like this she became the first citizen of Pakistan to break silence after the recent attacks in Uri (Jammu and Kashmir).

Huge uproar was made by the Indian mob when they came to know about 18 martyrs loosing their lives while fighting against the perpetrators. Pakistani artists were sent back to their country soon after the Indian mob recognized brutal invasion of terrorists in J&K. Many Pak artists didn’t break their silence over this mishap.

'Raees' starrer Pakistani actress Mahira Khan condemns terror attacks
‘Raees’ starrer Pakistani actress Mahira Khan condemns terror attacks

But Mahira Khan stood first to react the terror attacks and excoriated the loss of human life in the conflict. In a Facebook post shared by her yesterday, the gorgeous woman wrote ‘As a Pakistani and citizen of the world I strongly condemn any act of terror, any loss of human life no matter which soil it is on. I will not rejoice in bloodshed and war.’

Political parties protested strongly against the Pakistani artists who maintained silence after the attacks and didn’t utter a single word about it. The lady, who is gonna debut Bollywood industry with SRK starred 2017 releasing movie, talked about the attacks and expressed her feelings through the social media post shared by her.