Priyanka Chopra, emerging international star, is the first Indian celebrity to visit Twitter Headquarters in NYC. The sizzling lady met all the leading persons in the staff of this globally famous social networking media. She not only visited the HQs but also interacted with her millions of fans and shared the joy she was experiencing in being present there.

People came to know about her visit at the most reputed place in New York after she posted her photos at the location. On the behalf of Independence day in India, the lady confabulated with the crowds in her fan club. She has 14.7 million-strong following on Twitter whom she messaged the wishes of Independence day.

Priyanka Chopra is first Indian celeb to visit Twitter Headquarters
Priyanka Chopra is first Indian celeb to visit Twitter Headquarters

She also shared some talks with Rishi Jaitly, vice president, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, Twitter which was broadcast live. During the parlance, her fans came across many things about her activeness on twitter and recognized that she is the only celebrity who have ever visited the headquarters in NY.

Sources unveiled that Hritik Roshan starrer ‘Agneepath’ (2011) actress was also invited to visit Twitter headquarters in San Francisco way back in 2010 when she was the most followed Bollywood actress after the legendary super star Amitabh Bachchan. Six years after the invitation, the ‘Desi Girl’ is sought at the HQs of twitter.