Well known TV actress Pratibha Tiwari was molested by a drunken man on Monday night. The lady has filed complaint at police station in Mumbai against the molester. Officers have taken the fully drunk man into custody and further legal process is going on. The incident happened at 10 PM on 22nd August 2016 when the heroine was standing near the Kandivali highway.

According to the media reports, Pratibha was standing near the Kandivali highway along with her hairdresser. One drunken man came to her and molested the ladies. Soon, the actress contacted the nearest police station and lodged FIR against the accused. Sources further added that the women instantly informed nearest authorities to take care of this situation.

Pratibha Tiwari lodged a FIR against drunken molester in Mumbai
Pratibha Tiwari lodged a FIR against drunken molester in Mumbai

A senior officer told TOI that it was quite surprising to see such an incident occurring on the most busy location in city. He mentioned in his confabulation with that news reporters that in many such cases, women feel scared to file the complaint against such hooligans and try to ignore as well as forget the things happened to them.

Pratibha is the lead heroine in Star Plus’s famous serial ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ in which she plays the role of ‘Naiya’. She got shocked with the unexpected incident which happened to her last night. Without running away from this critical situation, she dared to file the complaint at police station against the molester. Officials are litigating this issue which took place in the city.