Newly released Hindi cinema ‘Pink’ movie’s 5th day box office collection is nearly same as the amount grabbed on Monday. With fantastic Rs 7.8 crores’ earnings on Tuesday, the overall domestic collection has reached to Rs 28.58 crores. Including the business romped in foreign countries, the world wide amount grossed Rs 36.81 crores.

'Pink' movie box office collection on 5th day is steady
‘Pink’ movie box office collection on 5th day is steady

Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury directed new Bollywood celluloid commenced its journey at box office with average earnings of Rs 4.32 crores. But it surged on the following days and grossed Rs 7.65 Crores, Rs 9.54 Croes and Rs. 7.5 Crores on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Business done by the cinema in its first weekend delighted the filmmakers and is continuing to do so on 5th day.

Overseas income too culminated in recent days and assisted the movie to acquire good position in the list of average hit Indian films in 2016. Taapsee Pannu starrer celluloid, the emotional story of which revolved around problems in the life of a woman, succeeded in agglomerating immense public repercussions with the performance of artists on big screen.