Amitabh Bachchan led latest Bollywood movie ‘Pink’ box office collection downed on Monday. It failed to maintain consistency in its fabulous peragration at box office. Not only the public response but also the amount grabbed on 4th day of its release reported to have low score. After curbing good revenue in first weekend, the celluloid didn’t succeed in impressing mobs on 19th September 2016.

'Pink' box office collection downs on Monday
‘Pink’ box office collection downs on Monday

Filmmakers delighted to see the repercussions from people on first three days but saddened to see decline in the same on 4th day. With fantastic one digit income generated on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the new Hindi cinema romped in driving immense public attention, but it couldn’t seize similar agglomeration after the third day of its release.

Taapsee Pannu led film, which revolves around the lives of two girls who are allegedly and manipulatively fooled and molested by some inhuman people and Big B confronts to do justice with them, debellated in turning million eyeballs in initial tenure but the same has been found mitigated as it entered in new week.


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