Ishtiaq Chaudhary, well known lawyer in Pakistan has filed petition in Lahore High Court. According to the media reports revealed by India’s neighboring Islamic country, petition has been filed seeking ban on the exhibition of Indian movies.

Reason behind the same is none other Kashmir issue. This problem is embarrassing both the nations since Independence and is still unsolved. Bollywood celebrities took aggressive stance over this issue and replied the authorities in Pakistan seeking ban on Hindi cinemas.

Petition filed by Ishtiaq Chaudhary to ban Indian films in Pakistan
Petition filed by Ishtiaq Chaudhary to ban Indian films in Pakistan

One legendary celeb in India affronted the Pakistani film industry by calling it a hub of zero production. The legendary artist further added that their films only succeed in curbing huge repercussions there which Pakistani cinemas fail to do so.

Helm intensed answer from the Hindi celebrity had a question for the people demanding ban on Hindi films there that if they commence not showing the Bollywood movies there, then there’ll be less gatherings in theatres of the country.

According to him, major chunk there enjoys watching Hindi movies which means the domestic films aren’t doing well and hence have negligible production. People desiring the ban were admonished with similar kind of approach for Pakistani artists trying luck in Bollywood.