Pakistani censor board has asked the filmmakers of ‘Udta Punjab’ to expunge 100 short scenes from the celluloid and then release it in the country. This news might have stunned the people worked in the movie as Indian censor demanded 89 cuts and now the neighbors are demanding more than that, 100 cuts.

Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhat, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Diljit Singh Dosanjh starred cinema had caught into huge controversy for its objectionable scenes before it released in India. Mumbai High Court ordered only one cut and sanctioned the airing of it by saying ‘Let the audiences decide about it’.

After receiving helm repercussion from public domain, the film is now being released in foreign countries. Pakistan is one of those nation where this cinema is about to be unleashed, but the Pak authorities have judged and analyzed this film and are telling to cut or change 100 alleging findings.

Pakistan censor board demands 100 cuts in Udta Punjab
Pakistan censor board demands 100 cuts in Udta Punjab

Mubashir Hasan (Chief- Central Board of Film Censors) said, “They have to cut all the derogatory words and dialogues and anti-Pakistan content from the film. They are now suggested to recuperate more than 100 cuts, mutes and beeps in the film. After those changes only the movie will be allowed to release in Pakistan.”

This latest Bollywood movie has been suffering a lot since few weeks before its revealing. Before 17th June, it got into trouble for its objectionable scenes and words in it. And, two – three days before the release, pirated CDs got leaked and resulted into the decline of public gathering in theaters.

Fresh trauma for the celluloid is none other the spotting of new changes by Pakistan censor board. Filmmakers have rushed to the state High court for the solution. People are eager to know what the crew members are going to decide about it now.


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