Varun Dhawan and John Abraham interacted with audiences while promoting their upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Dhishoom’. Both the super stars shared funny workout session with the public gathering crowded to listen them and take tips about maintaining the fitness.

‘Force’ actor was entailed to lift the bars and ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya’ hero did push ups with the young ladies as well as children. They performed some workouts like relaxing the muscles, stretching and normal warm up exercises. The moments of refreshing the mood by exercising little was quite appreciated by the mob gathering.

'Nothing is important than self motivation' says John Abraham
‘Nothing is important than self motivation’ says John Abraham

After conducting a small and entertaining workout session, both the actors shared their thoughts about fitness and daily exercises. They opined about the benefits of exercising regularly with no gaps in its daily routine. While guiding the crowd about the significance of maintaining strong health, men with mesmerizing physique also talked about their diet.

John Abraham said, “It is very important to keep yourself motivated when you start exercise. Regularity is quite a significant thing when you commence exercising on daily basis. You need to focus on the diet along with punctuality in spending quality time in the arena where you exercise.”

Varun too continued with the same advice to the people present in front of them and shared his experience of building his body for this new movie. He specially thanked the hunky model turned actor for his awesome guidance in developing his muscles. ‘Student of the Year’ also described how the fitness helped him in performing brilliantly in one of the scene of this fresh cinema.