Hours after Kapil Sharma, the popular standup comedian of India, posted a tweet telling Narendra Modi about the bribe asked by BMC department, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena leader Shalini Thackery slammed the artist claiming that he should prove the allegations of corruption over the Bruhanmumbai Municipal Corporation. The leader imposed reverse attack over him alleging that he broke Municipal rules for self benefits.

MNS leader reacts to Kapil Sharma's comment on Narendra Modi
MNS leader reacts to Kapil Sharma’s comment on Narendra Modi

Yesterday, the actor and comedian took his twitter timeline to post about bribe of 5 lakhs which were demanded by the BMC for building his new office in the city though he has been paying Rs 15 crore income tax to the respective department. Kapil mentioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his tweet asking whether these are good days for a common man in the country.

Bhartiy Janata Party members suddenly reacted to this statement from the artist and opined that he shouldn’t have dragged the national leader in the case as he could have gone to the nearby police station for filing the complaint against the culprits. MNS leader took an aggressive stance claiming the hero has violated the rules of BMC by destroying mangroves and extending the storeys of his new bungalow in Andheri.