Sizzling Bollywood actress Mahima Chaudhry will play the mother of Sheena Bora in her debut Bengali movie ‘Dark Chocolate’. This is her first Bengali film in which she will be playing very crucial role of a mother whose daughter is missing since years and investigation doubts the family members only for the girl’s absence in the house.

According to the sources, ‘Pardes’ actress is returning to the acting arena after very long time. Agnidev Chatterjee directed this new cinema is based on the intricate case of Sheena Bora’s missing. Mahima told media that earlier she felt it could be difficult for her to render this role, but the director insisted her later to grab the nerve and explore her talent.

Mahima Chaudhry will play Sheena Bora's Mom in ‘Dark Chocolate’
Mahima Chaudhry will play Sheena Bora’s Mom in ‘Dark Chocolate’

Pradip Churiwal produced upcoming Indian celluloid also features Riya Sen, Mumtaz Sorcar and Rajesh Sharma in lead role. Leading heroine who is about to seen in the character of Sheena’s mother unveiled that they had commenced the shooting soon after the unfolding of this case and brought the entire work to an end within just a month.

The crime thriller film is slated to release on 2 September 2016. People who tried hard to speculate about the conspiracy with which this significant matter was twisted by the criminal masterminds will find the story of this cinema helpful in clearing their logical confusions. Trade analysts are expecting this movie to rock at the box office with immense public repercussion.