After savvying the two digit box office collection in India, latest Bollywood movie ‘Happy Bhaag Jayegi’ has been banned in Pakistan. The ministry in foreign country neighboring India has made it very clear that they never asked for any cut in the movie, but now they are not allowing to run this cinema on theaters screen there.

Media sources confirmed that the censor board in Pakistan raised some objections over the portrayal of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, an illustrious leader of their nation and also that of Piyush Mishra as a policeman. Producer Aanand L Rai expressed his disappointment on the stance taken by PCB over the airing of his latest production.

Latest Bollywood movie 'Happy Bhaag Jayegi' banned in Pakistan
Latest Bollywood movie ‘Happy Bhaag Jayegi’ banned in Pakistan

Mudassar Aziz directed new Hindi cinema is facing the ban in the nation which has been disputing with India over Kashmir issue since 1947. The decision of direct ban from the higher authorities though the film features popular Pakistani actors Javed Sheikh and Momal Sheikh in Pakistan, tristitiated the crew members of this newly released film.

Makers were expecting few cuts in the film which they’d have consented in order to respect their objection, but the firm decision of ban has saddened the artists who worked in developing this celluloid. This is the huge loss to the movie which would have grabbed immense public attention in Islamic country neighboring India as none other the famous celebrities of Pakistani origin have played leading characters in this cinema.