Kumkum Bhagya 15 February 2017 Written Update : Abhi watches CCTV footage

Kumkum Bhagya 15 February 2017 Written Update : The 779th episode of famous TV serial starts with Sarla talking on phone with Dadi. Dadi and Dasi tell Pragya’s mom to stay relax and chill. Sarla requests them to let her speak with her daughter for one minute. Dadi says that Pragya and Abhi are busy in their room. Sarla says ‘Ok, let them enjoy their privacy’ and cuts the phone call.

Abhi wakes up and looks at Pragya. Both look each other and smile. Pragya goes back into history and recalls how she and Abhi used to sleep on their bed by keeping pillows in between them as a border. Meanwhile, Abhi brings juice for Pragya and Purab arrives in them room with the CCTV footage in a pen-drive.

Pragya, Abhi, Alia, Tanu and Purab gather in room and play the footage. Nikhil, who was donning a Sikh, didn’t appear clearly in the video. Abhi takes a screenshot of the footage and tells Purab to find out the man. Dadi and Dasi watch the CCTV footage through the door gap and smile with happiness when comes the scene where Abhi exhales oxygen with a mouth to mouth contact to Pragya.

Pragya feels shy of watching the scene and leaves the room. After returning to her room, Pragya recalls a past incident when she had did the same thing to exhale oxygen to Abhi when he was unconscious. Abhi thinks that Pragya is hurt of watching the scene and hence, he goes to her to apologise for the same.

But Pragya is smiling after recalling her incident. Abhi still thinks that she is upset with the scene and tries to say ‘sorry’ for it. But Abhi is unable to say anything. Pragya gives him a glass of water and says him to relax. Abhi says that whatever he didn’t do it purposefully. He says that it was his need and Pragya shocks to listen this.

Abhi further says that he was afraid of Pragya’s health condition and hence he did the act to provide oxygen to her through a mouth to mouth contact. The episode ends here.

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