Kareena Kapoor Khan is about to give birth to a child by the end of this year. News related to her pregnancy has irked ‘Bebbo’ and she had to slam the media for questioning her unnecessarily over her maternity leave. Mrs Saif Ali Khan lashed out the media sources for querying her such nonsense questions about the pregnancy.

According to the news reports, the lady who played Chhaya in 2011 released ‘Bodyguard’ declared that she is gonna have her first child with ‘Kurban’ actor, with whom she got married an year ago. The couple broke out on 2nd July about their first infant which will take birth in December 2016.

Kareena Kapoor Khan slams media over her pregnancy news
Kareena Kapoor Khan slams media over her pregnancy news

The pregnant Bollywood actress was often asked about her maternity leave which she refused to take. As she willed to work in the upcoming Hindi celluloid ‘Veere Di Wedding’ and refuted to take any rest from her work. She has made it clear already that she isn’t going to halt her journey in the acting industry for the sake of her pregnancy.

But media coined the news about her maternity leave and she commenced receiving more such queries regarding her pause from the shooting. ‘Chameli’ heroine made it very clear that there’s nothing like she is stopping her work for the infant growing in her womb. She expressed her strong desire to perform in front of the camera though she is carrying an unborn child with her.

She has also appealed Indian as well as global women not to shut their work for this reason as it is very common fact on the planet that a lady gives birth to a baby. In accordance with her opinion, no pregnant woman should skip the task assigned to her for the reason of pregnancy.