Jacqueline Fernandez received back pain while lifting hunky John Abraham in a promotional event of their upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Dhishoom’ at Nagpur. ‘Dil Sambhal Ja Jara’ song heroine interacted with doctors about this issue who confirmed that there’s no major pain in her back.

Varun Dhawan, ‘Force’ actor and ‘Chittiya Kalainya’ babes are promoting their latest Hindi action drama celluloid which is slated to release on 29th July 2016. Cast members are emphasizing more on the promotion so as to gain maximum repercussion on the days of release.

Jacqueline Fernandez
Jacqueline Fernandez

In Nagpur, when these super stars were entertaining the mob gathering with fulfilling their wishes, some of the crowd present ahead them desired the ‘Student of the Year’ and ‘Aladin’ debutants to lift the 95 Kg weighing muscular man individually. Instigating demand from the fans was the must thing to be acquiesced by the celebs.

Varun, as he’s a fit guy and exercises in gym regularly, easily lifted the ‘Rocky Handsome’ hero. But when ‘Kick’ psychiatrist’s turn came, she somehow managed to lift the ‘I Me Aur Mai’ jumbo man. Next day, she caught her back paining and immediately visited to doctor.