Upcoming Bollywood movie ‘MS Dhoni – The Untold Story’ director unveiled that it was impossible to cast ‘Rustom’ actor Akshay Kumar as Mahendra Singh Dhoni. While sharing talks with news reporters, the well known director replied to the question regarding why the ‘Khiladi’ hero couldn’t play the role of Indian cricketer in the film.

'It was impossible to cast Akshay Kumar as MS Dhoni' says Neeraj Pandey
‘It was impossible to cast Akshay Kumar as MS Dhoni’ says Neeraj Pandey

Responding to the query related to this topic, the director told that the character in this cinema is going through all stages of life of a man. Akshay Kumar, who recently celebrated his 49th birthday, couldn’t have played a teenager in this celluloid. Hence the makers chose Sushant Singh Rajput for the lead role of Indian cricket team’s captain in the film.

Adding further utterances to his confabulation with media, Neeraj praised Sushant’s acting in this movie. He also talked about the role of ‘Yuvraj Singh’ being played by some person. Pandey extended his talk by mentioning that the film is totally based on the life journey of Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is now recognized as the best captain in the world.