Recently released ‘Rustom’ starrer, Ileana D’Cruz has refused to play the lead role of a heroine in upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Aankhen 2’. She not only refuted to be the part of this sequel of hit blockbuster ‘Aankhen’. The sizzling actress not only denied to render the respective character but also has decided to take legal action against the makers.

‘Barfi’ debutante claimed that filmmakers included her name in the list of star cast of this movie without her approbation and hence she declared about it. ‘Phata Poster Nikal Hero’ lead heroine got flabbergasted after coming to know after receiving helm congratulatory messages for this new venture.

Ileana D’Cruz refuses to play lead role in ‘Aankhen 2’
Ileana D’Cruz refuses to play lead role in ‘Aankhen 2’

No sooner did she get to know about this than she announced her negation to star in this celluloid. She was absent on the event organized at film city where the filmmakers unveiled about this forthcoming project and displayed the video in which the names of people in lead role were mentioned. Name of Ileana too was there in that video which shocked her when she grabbed news about it.

Amitabh Bachchan, Arshad Warsi, Arjun Rampal and Anil Kapoor, these popular super stars of Indian film industry confirmed about their presence in this cinema. But the actress, whose name was allegedly mentioned in the video message without taking any permission from her, slammed all the crew members by publicizing about her notion of not sharing the silver screen with the slated super stars in this movie.