One of the most famous never ending topic in India is nothing but Salman Khan’s marriage. There’re lot of specualtions about the actor’s stance on not tying knot with any gorgeous lady. Some people think that he has decided to leave alone as he missed the chance to marry his own choice and some think that he hasn’t found the best partner for him.

Lulia Vantur is the illustrious personality in this regard which is considered to have some relation with the Bollywood star. But in her recent interview, she slammed all the allegations by saying that they’re just friends and further added that the friendship doesn’t mean a love relation. In the parlance with media persons, she cleared all the misunderstandings of people.

'Everything happens in the best time' says Lulia Vantur
‘Everything happens in the best time’ says Lulia Vantur

The sizzling lady mentioned in her magazine interview, “No, we’re friends. Friends means friends, not love. Everything happens in the best time, not earlier, not later. The rest is speculation.” This quote from the woman clearly states there’s nothing between the two huge celebrities of acting arena.

Every time, the 50 year old ‘Dabbang’ hero eludes to answer the question regarding his wedding. Recently his father, Salim Khan was queried about the same and he replied to the questioners by commenting that it would be better to question Salman Khan on this topic. ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ hero never replies satisfactorily to this query for the answer of which billions of people are eagerly waiting.


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