Veteran actor and the legendary male artist with hunky muscles John Abraham is planning to make Marathi films in coming days. The ‘Force’ has been working in Hindi movies since beginning and now is going to step in regional language films.

He has played fabulous role in latest celluloid ‘Dhishoom’. He told media about his debut in Marathi cinemas that he’d like to perform in Maharashtrian movies. Firm confirmation and unwrapped details about his fortune plans are inciting the curiosity of his fans.

'Dhishoom' actor John Abraham to make Marathi films?
‘Dhishoom’ actor John Abraham to make Marathi films?

Idea to do regional films might have sparked in his mind when he was touring the state with his co-stars of upcoming Bollywood movie. The entire star cast having Akshay Khanna, Jacqueline Fernandez and Varun Dhawan met huge Marathi crowds while promoting the film.

‘Dostana’ hero is bringing an entertaining story for the audiences with his latest film. Soon, he’ll reveal about his interest in Marathi movies and disclose every plan which he probably will structure for debuting in the regional language movies.