John Abraham
John Abraham

John Abraham, who is illustrious in acting industry for his mesmerizing physique and hunky look, is undergoing detoxification and is following the detox diet for the eradication of complete tobacco from his body. Strict schedule and story of this film is demanding the leading hero to practice that habit of smoking.

As the ‘Force’ actor is playing a strict COP in his upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Dhishoom’, he has been smoking 60 cigarettes a day. This continuous practice for than some weeks has incremented the amount of tobacco in his body and the muscular man is suffering from the immense presence of poisonous substance in the health.

Directors and producers have mentioned in the filming program that the leading COP is very strictly following the habit of smoking and the ‘Rocky Handsome’ hero has been entailed to smoke near about 600 cigarettes for rendering this rowdy role of a police officer.

In the interaction with our news reporters, John said that he is maintaining the proper diet for regaining his fitness. He doesn’t want to loose the identity of his health which he has earned by toiling hard in gymnasium. ‘Shootout At Wadala’ Manya is eating hygienic food stuff for the recuperation of his health.

A source said that he is on a complete detox diet now, which includes green salads and raw vegetable juices. He has also doubled his water intake. Apart from his regular fitness routine, he has also incorporated more cardio in his regime, to sweat the toxins out. He does this in the wee hours of the morning outdoors, when the air is the cleanest.