In daily life, people come across numerous cyber crime incidents. One such mishap victimized B Town filmmaker Ashutosh Gowarikar’s wife Sunita from the bank account of whom near about one lakh Rupees were withdrawn. Spouse of illustrious filmmaker lodged a report at the Khar police station for online fraud and the probe is going on about this case.

Sunita flabbergasted to see a message rung on her mobile phone on 5th August about an expenditure of Rs. 1,34,333.08. When she contacted to the manager of her production house Vishwanath Nayar, he told that he was unaware about the same. Then the lady took this matter to police station and lodged complaint in this regard.

Cyber crime victimizes Ashutosh Gowariker's wife Sunita
Cyber crime victimizes Ashutosh Gowariker’s wife Sunita

Officers are guessing that a hacker could have committed this crime. They’re also predicting some one nearest to this family who definitely was aware of her PayTM details and betrayed her by stealing this amount. Sunita’s spokesperson too consented to the news and revealed that the woman has received a new credit after loosing the first one.

Police officials are keenly investigating this matter by going through each and every detail. Yet no suspect has been captured by the officers. Also, they’re finding it difficult to doubt somebody in this issue as the family isn’t having any kind of rivalry with either their nearest and dearest ones or people from the friend circle.