Censor board has banned the censor copies on DVDs to snare the growing online leakage of films. Filmmakers of Udta Punjab and Great Grand Masti had to suffer from this trauma which declined their predicted box office collections before the release of film.

Pahlaj Nihalani said that they had so many complaints about DVD prints marked ‘censor copy’ being  leaked online. Firstly the censor copy was made by the producers, not us. it meant that leakage broke out from the sources where the copies were being produced. The chief further added that now they’re banning censor copies on DVDs.

Censor board bans censor copies on DVDs
Censor board bans censor copies on DVDs

This new decision from the government authority  might prove helpful for the filmmakers as well as cast members who toil hard in making a cinema and promoting it to receive mega response from the public domain. Taking the recent online leakages into consideration, censor board has confirmed that the copies will not be made and distributed by the producers.

Nihalani addressed to media persons that they don’t need a censor copy to watch as they enjoy and judge the film in the digital format. But, Film Certificate Appellate Tribunal, known as the Tribunal, still requires a DVD copy which needs to be offered with the requirement.


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