Legendary actor Jackie Shroff, who rocked the Indian film industry in 90’s era and cemented a huge fan following for him with his tremendous acting and dialoguing skills, interacted with the news reporters of ‘The Indian Express’ and shared his views over the today’s Bollywood and also talked about his son Tiger, who’s one of the most successful emerging stars in the same arena.

While parleying on these topics, ‘Hero’ starrer was bombarded with several questions related to his life, future plans and the way of work exhibited by his son in the latest Indian movies. Jackie told media that Tiger has managed to impress the major chunk of this world which loves to watch entertaining and enticing scenes in the films.

'Casting me and Tiger in a movie will be good thing for me' says Jackie Shroff
‘Casting me and Tiger in a movie will be good thing for me’ says Jackie Shroff

When he was asked whether he’ll produce any movie in which his son would be offered with an opportunity to play the leading role, he refused to do so in the coming days as he confirmed that he would never produce any such celluloid. Instead he was thankful to Star, Fox, UTV and desired them to sign him as well as Tiger together in a movie.

Queries related to Housefull 3 too surrounded the veteran actor who claimed of enjoying the movie with great satisfaction. The legend uttered some words of praise for the co-stars who rendered the assigned characters fabulously and left no stone unturned in putting their complete efforts in making the movie more enamoring. He further added that he was gratified to work with such talented super stars in the Indian film industry.

To the question about any funny moment which he really liked in the film, he reacted with a little smile on his face and said that every moment in the film was quite funny. He said that nobody might had cared when the three hours ended with enjoying the hilarity and immense amusement in the cinema. He further extended his notion on the same that everybody who starred in the sequel of Housefull has a great time with each other and exulted the togetherness.