Many Bollywood celebrities took help of social media for appealing their fans to watch latest movie ‘Udta Punjab’ in theaters. As the cinema leaked in most parts of the country, celebs in Indian film industry called it a shameful act which circulated the pirated copies and tried to lower the response for this new release.

Famous actors and actresses updated their timelines on twitter and Facebook with condemning statuses. They openly appealed Indian as well as foreign public which likes to watch Bollywood movies that they should have watched ‘Udta Punjab’ in theaters, rather than enjoying it in pirated CDs.

Friday released film had caught into controversy for the inclusion of objectionable scenes in it. Censor board had expunged nearly 89 scenes from that film which entailed the filmmakers rush to Mumbai High Court. HC declared on 13th June that only one scene will receive a cut and spectators across the country will decide whether it is watchable or not.

Bollywood celebs appeal to watch Udta Punjab in theaters
Bollywood celebs appeal to watch Udta Punjab in theaters

The announcement from apex court in Maharashtra soothed the tensed crew who shared their contribution in building this movie. Filmmakers were backed by most of the legends in this field and showed their support for the release without any big changes in it.

Film released on it scheduled date, 17th June 2016, but in various parts of nation, pirated copies were usurped by the people who again dispersed the copies to more number of crowds. When the men and women active in Indian Bollywood industry came to know about this, they took up their twitter accounts and appealed the audiences to go through the film being shown in cinema halls.

Cast members thanked the celebs who participated in the fight against injustice and also objurgated the piracy which began reducing the craze for movie one day before its release. Though video of this film was leaked, it gained good public response in theaters and still getting it on large scale.


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