Upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Anna’ first look has been released and is seizing average reactions from the fans of Indian film industry. In this picture, Anna Hazare, one of the illustrious civil activists in India, wearing white dress and ‘Topi’,  is standing in front of a huge mob gathering and waving hand to the people.

This utmost release is not yet slated with a particular date of its airing. Manindra Jain produced real life story based celluloid will be comprising of new star cast to play the roles of this social worker and its companions. Prashant Narayanan will render the character of a common man.

Bollywood 'Anna' movie first look released
Bollywood ‘Anna’ movie first look released

Manmauji will be the leading person who will play the role of ‘Kisan Baburao Hazare’. Film on this huge man, who raised his voice against corruption and toiled hard to introduce important bills in Indian parliament and contributed pivotally in getting it passed with acme notions, is gonna be quite inspiring for the watchers.

People who love to enjoy Hindi films based on real life stories of a struggling person, whose confrontation with the unexpected problems in his/her life succeeds, are to be feasted with this motivational introduction. Theatrical trailer launching in coming few days will aid the celluloid to exhibit its impression.