Akshay Kumar’s newly released film ‘Rustom’ is proliferating its success with the increment in public response from the people world wide. Till now, the movie has managed to earn a good revenue of INR 128.80 crores across the globe. Trade analysts are saying that this is much more than the expected box office collection.

The cinema issued no problem with the release of ‘Mohenjo Daro’ on the same date and kept of aggregating a huge number of repercussions from the public domain. Domestic earnings touched the skies in terms of fabulous single digit collection from the very first day. Ileana D’Cruz and Isha Gupta starrer latest celluloid is successfully grabbing the similar kind of reactions from the crowds.

Akshya Kumar's 'Rustom' earns INR 128.80 crores overall collection
Akshya Kumar’s ‘Rustom’ earns INR 128.80 crores overall collection

Master plan of releasing the movie when there’re holidays in the first week worked for the filmmakers who’re observing an astounding responses from the mobs. Kicking off with INR 11.40 crores first day collection, the cinema has succeeded in acquiring an amazing income in the following days.

In India, the film is heading towards the golden three digit figure with its current status of business income with INR 75 crores. According to the sources, this is a pretty good score of any Bollywood film by Akshay Kumar. More profit is yet to come as there’s no movie of any star celebrity banging the theaters in the coming time.