News reporters of ‘Fresh Bollywood News’ caught that Akshay Kumar acceded to play cameo in John Abraham and Varun Dhawan starrer latest Hindi movie ‘Dhishoom’. Sajid Naidadwala thanked one of the fittest actors in Indian film industry.

Khiladi hero and ‘Kick’ director are good friends since school days and have maintained their unbreakable friendship. Sources mentioned in their reports that when Sajid approached him for ‘cameo’ role in his latest celluloid, the martial artist never denied.

Akshay Kumar to play cameo in John, Varun starrer 'Dhishoom'
Akshay Kumar to play cameo in John, Varun starrer ‘Dhishoom’

Naidadwala appreciated the cooperation by his mate and expressed his gratitude towards him for investing some time from his busy schedule for his childhood colleague. John too had urged his ‘Housefull 2’ co-star to render a cameo character so as harness the glamor of film.

Akshay Kumar featuring the important cameo role in this latest film is surely gonna turn millions of eyeballs towards his action and performance which he will render. Main reason behind his acceptance to do this role is none other his unyoked friendship with Sajid.

They have worked together and maintained their actor – producer relation since many years. Aakki has acted in mire than five films directed by Naidadwala and contributed majorly in culminating the successful itinerary in Bollywood film industry.