Sonakshi Sinha starrer new Hindi film ‘Akira’ has succeeded in curbing two digit income at the end of second day of its release. The movie seized INR 11.25 crores in initial days and is journeying nicely towards grabbing a fine total box office collection in coming days. Though this cinema received low occupancy on its opening day, responses from people hiked on 2nd day.

Major chunk of people across the nation is liking this story of a brave and courageous girl who confronts with the evil activists in society and battles hard to vanish the cruel and indecent mind sets from the public figure. Inspirational tale of this woman has exhorted million ones to gather near the ticket window.

'Akira' total box office collection on day 2 reach 11.25 crores
‘Akira’ total box office collection on day 2 reach 11.25 crores

Commencing with 5.15 crores on the first day, AR Murugadoss directed movie seemed to crash at the box office. But on Saturday, it exhibited that the nerve has been caught by the mobs and are crazily enjoying the fight for right. Second day collection was reported to surpass the amount grossed on its opening day.

The first weekend is going very fine for the movie as the crowds are still buying the tickets and gathering in the cinema halls to see the courage and bravery of a simple young female college going student. Makers and trade analysts are expecting more excellent performance of the film in coming tenure.