Sonakshi Sinha starrer latest Bollywood movie ‘Akira’ has curbed minimum box office collection on 4th day as compared to its income generated on 3rd day. AR Murugadoss produced new Hindi cinema drove less attention on Monday in comparison with the eyeballs turned in its first weekend. The film succeeded in seizing only INR 3.40 crores on 5th September.

'Akira' box office collection rate lowers down on 4th day
‘Akira’ box office collection rate lowers down on 4th day

The new celluloid commenced its journey at box office with fine one digit score and continued to grab similar kind of amount in the initial three days. The rate of collection declined after Sunday and the 4th day collection usurped by the cinema was recorded to have very low in comparison with the other business made by the film on other days.

Overall business including the earnings in foreign countries made by this movie has reached INR 33.61 crores. Agglomeration of money grabbed in other countries too surpassed more than a crore and the total became this above mentioned figure. Makers are expecting the film to reach heights of successes in coming tenure.