Ajay Devgan’s latest production ‘Parched’ is slated to hit the screens on 23rd September 2016. Official trailer of Leena Yadav directed upcoming Hindi movie which stars Radhika Apte and Adil Hussain in major roles is about to be released on 9th of the same month. ‘Action Jackson’ shared this acquaintance on social networking media.

The hero wrote “Presenting PARCHED…18Awards, 24 Intl. film festivals across continents. Releasing 23rd Sep Trailer on 9th Sep” on his tweeter timeline and updated his perfervid fans with this breaking news about the celluloid which is being produced by him. He also posted the poster of this cinema below his timeline text.

Ajay Devgan's production 'Parched' to hit screens on 23rd September
Ajay Devgan’s production ‘Parched’ to hit screens on 23rd September

While interacting with news reporters, ‘Shivaay’ starrer mentioned about the recent criminal act of leaking the video in which the lead hero – heroine are doing sex with no clothes on their body. He further added that people started calling the online leaked video ‘Radhika Apte Sex Scene’ which turned millions of eyeballs to it.

He slammed all those people in society who are obsessed sexually and avoid to accept it. Husband of Kajol also partook more things about the movie, story of which revolves around the life of four women named Rani, Lajjo, Bijli and Janaki. Twists and turns in their lives have been explored through this cinema.