‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, one of the most trending popular comedy show in India, got greetings from a lady who thanked the entire team for their work. The woman met Sunil Grover, the man who plays ‘Doctor Mashahoor Gulathi’ in this new show, at airport and gave her a piece of paper on which she had mentioned about the incident occurred to her.

A lady thanks 'The Kapil Sharma Show' for their work
A lady thanks ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ for their work

The lady had wrote, “The last six months have been the most difficult time. I lost my only son to cancer. During those difficult times, you have actually made us laugh. Thank you! Keep up what you do best.” Sunil replied on 2nd September to it by commenting “M’am I feel, He will come back. Soon. Healthy. To stay. God bless.” on his twitter timeline.

This is not the first time when someone has praised the work and thanked them for what they are doing. Many people come to the show and express their notions regarding the significance of the honest efforts taken by the entire team of this well known comedy show to keep the people amusing and making them to forget all stresses and tensions in their lives.



  1. may god bless the lady.. the incident happened with the lady is so unfortunate.. work which The Kapil Sharma Show team is doing is just remarkable.. they’re not only making the people laugh but also healing most of the living beings with their unique style of entailing the mobs to amuse and forget all stresses and tensions in their lives

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